Stone Hill Community

Quality Coaching and Strong Community.

CrossFit is challenging. Our primary passion each day is to motivate, train, and keep our athletes on track to achieve their fitness goals. Safety is our priority. At Stone Hill CrossFit, athletes are known by name and specifically trained to overcome their personal obstacles both in and out of the gym. Relationships are quickly formed between coaches and athletes, relationships that will inspire and encourage.

Stone Hill CrossFit intentionally promotes a culture of community. It is not your typical open gym format with members aimlessly wandering amongst equipment or lost in a magazine on a machine. Instead, athletes are part of a community, enduring, and overcoming common physical challenges together. Athletes encourage one another and hold each other accountable. This friendship creates accountability between athletes, motivates them to reach their individual goals, and forges authentic relationships that expand well beyond the walls of the gym.

In simple terms, as a member you will highly value your experience, maintain your membership, and even tell your friends and family to join you!

Why should you become a member?

Traditional health clubs rarely offer consumers the results they desire. Their clients quickly become burned out and quit due to the monotony and lack of progress. In contrast, Stone Hill CrossFit is built on a foundation of quality coaching and strong community. Our focus will never be on filling our building with shiny machines and gimmick programs to attract new members. Instead, we strive to create an atmosphere that invites everyone to come face their goals and challenges together.