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Benefits of CrossFit

At Stone Hill CrossFit we help you redefine fitness that promotes a more fulfilling life. The benefits of CrossFit include: higher levels of energy throughout the day, better sleep at night, increased immunity to common illnesses, better strength and resilience against injury, and confidence to face new challenges. It won’t take long before you experience change!

Start Today!

First, come speak to a coach and try one of our Fundamentals classes without obligation. Fundamentals will give you the basics over the two-day program. We will teach you the movements, as well as nutrition insights. Once you complete the Fundamentals program you are ready for regular classes.

Regular Classes are available mornings and evenings, Sunday-Thursday, as well as Saturday evening. Our regular classes are approximately 1 hour long, and consist of three parts; the warm-up, the WOD, and the cool down.

As a Stone Hill CrossFit athlete, you’re welcome for open gym and specialty WODs on Saturday afternoons.

Are you tired of feeling fatigued like you have no energy? Are you exhausted from frequent illness? Ready to experience a life of health and fitness? If so, check us out today…

Rediscover Fitness!