Basel Odetallah

Basel discovered CrossFit about three years ago, tried it, loved it and has been doing it ever since. He brings a long-standing sports background, beginning in high school basketball.

Sarah Abu Shawish

The newest member of our coaching staff, Coach Sarah has grown up with a strong love for sports and is pursuing her degree in Physical Education.

At Stone Hill each of our coaches embody…


Our coaches are all CrossFit Level 1 trainers, skilled at identifying problem areas, and correcting them in order for you to maintain good form, maximizing safe and efficient movement.


Our coaches take their work seriously. Every day they come to the gym ready to help you attain your goals. Their priority is to make sure your Stone Hill experience is the highest quality.


Our coaches will be motivating you every day to reach your fitness goals. They will not be yelling at you when you mess up, or snapping on you when you fail to remember a particular cue or point of performance. They will however be a constant voice in your ear motivating you to keep moving, keep working, keep digging… they want to see you succeed as badly as you do.


Our coaches care about safety. There is an attention to detail that pervades our coaches, which helps maintain a safe environment for our athletes. We will not sacrifice your safety for your ego. We want you to regularly hit PRs (personal records) in lifting, but we care too much to let our athletes hurt themselves in the process by utilizing poor form.


Our coaches will not lie to you. They will address your weaknesses and push you in your strengths. They will always encourage you and continue to promote the highest levels of improvement.


Our coaches realize that everyone is coming to the WOD to get better. While the movements are challenging, our coaches will patiently work with each athlete as they seek daily development of strength and new skills.

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